Wallpaper Removal

Wallpaper removal is just as frustrating, bothersome and annoying as it sounds – particularly for those with little to absolutely no experience in wall care efforts. If you have very little or no experience in removing old and outdated wallpaper, it can be a bit like opening difficult packaging from a new electronic product, or like peeling a difficult hardboiled egg, except wallpaper involves dozens if not hundreds or thousands of square footage! Do not let this annoyance get the better of you. Why waste your weekends peeling walls when there is a firm offering an excellent value?

Wallpaper removal is a tedious process. Do not waste another weekend without our help! We provide free estimates – our # is 919-510-0140.

There are literally tens of thousands of excellent homes out there that may be just right for the needs of you and your family. They may have been built recently, a few decades ago or longer, but there may be many features making it feel very outdated. Nothing does that more than old wall treatment, which is why we focus heavily on professional wallpaper removal. There is absolutely no need to stand by as the style of a previous owner is influencing your daily life – our services provide you with the sensibilities of your own interior life at home.

It is nice to know there is one company you can count on for all of your home’s surfaces, and that those surfaces are handled thoroughly. From the deck to the ceiling, wallpaper removal is one of our most important projects. Here are some reasons more of your neighbors continue to prefer us above and beyond our competition:

    • One company, all wall-care services … Whether you try to execute projects concerning your home’s surfaces on your own or you go with one of our competitors, you will likely have to deal with more than one entity to complete your goals. This costs more time and more money, and you have to keep track of more managers and technicians. Here is a quick list of what we handle:
      • Wallpaper removal
      • Siding installation
      • All forms of painting
      • Textured ceiling removal
      • Lead paint removal
      • Drywall repair
      • Kitchen cabinet painting
      • Carpentry
      • Pressure washing
      • Window washing and glazing
      • Caulking
      • All phases of prep (color consultation)
      • Much more …

Our wallpaper removal is a methodical process that will free your interior space up for your style, so you can enjoy your free time during weekends and before and after work and school. For a homeowner to try to handle this project on their own leads to, at best, unpredictable results. If you are not careful (and sometimes even if you are) you may be calling us not only to professionally complete the job, but also for drywall repairs, too.

Wallpaper removal is essential for either making a preexisting interior space your own, or for making your old home a new one. One of the leading characteristics of style is change, so if it has been more than a decade since you have altered your home’s interior space, you may be stuck in the past on a daily basis. You may be surprised at how much our wall care can improve your at-home lifestyle


We carefully execute professional wallpaper removal. Do not get caught in the tangled web of this task. Receive a complimentary consultation at 919-510-0140 today.

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